Ridiculously Easy Food Tracking

You have centralized place where they can view and comment on their clients food logs. No more trying to keep track of food logs through paper, spreadsheets, email, or clunky software. A super simple way to keep tabs on your clients food logs.

Beautiful & Simple Progress Tracking

Track your clients weight, body fat percentage, pictures (front, side, back), and circumference measurements (waist, hips, arms, and legs). These can be inputted either by the staff or client. All these measurements can be seen by the client or staff on beautifull progress page with graphs and picture gallery.

Easily Record Measurements

Weight loss tracking is not just about weight or just about body fat percentage; it is about seeing the entire picture. With Lean Out App you can easily track these measurements:

Progress Picture Gallery

Measurements are nice and they make for pretty graphs. But pictures are where its at. What's more exciting. Before & After pictures or telling someone you lost 30 pounds?

Not sure how to take measurements?

Don't worry we have you covered. We have a knowlege base full of articles with detailed instructions on how to take measurements.

Social Progress Profile

Each client has the ability to share their progress publicly with whomever they want. We do this by providing a public progress page for each client that they can choose to share or not to share. We have found that people who make their goals known to friends and family have higher weight loss success. Here is a example of a user who has finished the program: Lee Will

Client & Staff Knowledge Base

Clients and Staff member have separate Knowledge Bases with articles. The client Knowledge Base has instructions on how to follow the diet, tips, and delicious recipes provided by our partners. The Staff Knowledge Base has all the instructions needed for an individual to run the Lean Out Program with their clients.